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Drug Tests

The One Step Drug Test line of rapid drug test device is available in: 1-Panel test configurations, targeting 1 drug category — and Multi-Panel configurations, targeting multiple drug categories.

Multi-Panel Drug Tests

  • Multi-Panel Drug Test - Uncapped
  • Multi-Panel Drug Test - Box Closed

Available in configurations ranging from 2-Panel Drug Tests — up to 12-Panel Drug Tests.

Available Multi-Panel Drug Tests

Alcohol Test Strips and Breathalyzer Tubes

The Mission brand of alcohol test device offers a cheap, fast, and reliable solution for the detection of alcohol intoxication. Results are obtained within 2 minutes of testing. BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels represented range from 0.02% BAC to 0.30% BAC.

  • Saliva Alcohol Test Strips
  • Alcohol Breathalyzer Tubes

Available alcohol test types: Saliva Alcohol Test Strips and Alcohol Breathalyzer Tubes.

Urinalysis Supplies

Low-cost, high-quality solutions for urine specimen collection and validity testing. The Mission brand urinalysis reagent strips target analytes: glucose, bilirubin, ketone, specific gravity, blood, pH, protein, urobilinogen, nitrite, and leukocytes.

Online Help and Information Categories

Visit our Help and Information section to learn about drug testing and drugs that are commonly misused. The following topics are covered:

  • Drugs of Abuse:

    Facts and information about common drugs of abuse, including DEA class, drug class, forms and variations, pictures, terminology, legal status, drug effects, addiction and dependence issues, drug testing information, statistics, and more.

  • Terminology:

    Definitions for key terms related to the subjects of drug and alcohol testing, pharmacology, pathology, therapeutics, drug addiction and misuse, and drug enforcement.

  • Drug Detection Times:

    Drug detection periods in urine for commonly used and abused drugs.

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