In Plain Language

Drug Test Success follows a very strict privacy policy. We do not sell, rent, or buy personal customer information. We do not participate in mailing lists of any kind, nor do we allow advertising on our website. Customer orders are shipped discretely, in plain packaging. We do not contact our customers with unsolicited advertising, nor do we share information with third parties that would. If you have any questions concerning this privacy policy, please contact Customer Support.

Information We Collect from Customers

For this privacy policy, a customer is any individual or entity who either places an order on our website, places an order by telephone, or sets up a password-protected Customer Account on our website.

For non-customers, no personal information is collected.

For customers, personal information is collected only in order to facilitate the processing and shipping of orders placed by the customer. This information includes: name, company (optional), address, phone number, and email address. When a customer places an order, additional order-specific information is collected, including: items purchased, preferred shipping method (if applicable), and credit card information (if applicable).

Contacting Customers

We do not contact customers with unsolicited advertising by any medium. Customers are only contacted when it is absolutely essential, including the following scenarios: to obtain additional information needed to process an order, to alert the customer of order status or delays with shipping an order, to procure payment on a past due balance, or to reply to a customer's inquiry. Upon placing an order, customers will receive an Order Confirmation email and a Shipping Confirmation email containing package tracking information.

Third Parties

We do not sell, rent, or buy personal customer information of any kind. Personal customer information is only shared as required to facilitate the processing and shipping of customer orders. For the processing of orders paid by credit card, this includes our merchant account provider, Helcim and our website gateway provider, For the processing of orders paid with PayPal, this includes PayPal. For the shipping of merchandise to customers, this includes one of the following shipping processors: FedEx, UPS, or Endicia.


This website utilizes a shopping cart to facilitate the online ordering of products. Upon visiting this website, a basket cookie is set that, should the user add items to shopping cart, will allow the shopping cart to retain the order information throughout the online ordering process.

After a user adds items to shopping cart, PayPal sets a cookie that, should the user select the PayPal payment method, will allow PayPal to retain the order information throughout the online ordering process.

This website also utilizes the following Google services: Google Analytics traffic analysis platform and Google Ads advertising network. These services utilize cookies in order to provide accurate data. Personal customer information is not shared with Google. The information obtained by Google is anonymized, meaning that Google cannot use the information to identify individuals linked to the data. The information we obtain from these services is only used internally, for the purposes of analyzing the effectiveness of this website and our marketing efforts. For more information, see How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps.

If you prefer to keep cookies disabled in your browser settings, normal browsing of our website contents will not be affected. The only task you will not be able to perform is the placing of an online order through our shopping cart.

Order Packaging

We respect your privacy regarding order shipping and packaging. Orders are shipped and packaged discretely, in plain packaging, containing only a shipping label: consisting of the customer's name and address and our return name (Alphatect, Inc.) and address.

Contact Information

Alphatect, Inc. is the sole owner and operator of this website and domain For questions concerning this privacy policy, please contact Customer Support.