The One Step Drug Tests offer a convenient, low cost solution for the detection of drugs in urine. Order online or by phone. Free Shipping and Guaranteed On-Time Express Delivery are available.

1-Panel Urine Drug Test 1-Panel Urine Drug Tests
Targeting 1 drug category out of
12 available drug categories.
Multi-Panel Urine Drug Test Multi-Panel Urine Drug Tests
Targeting multiple drug categories,
ranging from 2-panel to 12-panel
drug tests.

One Step Drug Test Features

  • Convenience. Drug test procedure is performed in 1 step, with test results displayed in 5 minutes.

  • Low Cost. Each test costs a fraction of the price of a standard urinalysis lab test.

  • Range. Many configurations to choose from, ranging from 1-panel to 12-panel drug tests. See Product Overview for a diagram and an explanation of drug test panels.

  • Outstanding Performance. The One Step Drug Tests perform admirably when compared with other rapid drug test brands and lab testing methods. See Specifications for individual urine test specifications and performance characteristics.

  • Consistency. Each test configuration conforms to standard urine testing cutoff levels.

  • FDA-Approved.