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Panel Target Compound Cutoff Level
MDMA MDMA (Ecstasy) 500 ng/mL
MDMA Panel: Specifications

Specificity - MDMA Drug Test Panel

The following compounds are detected positive in urine by the MDMA One Step Ecstasy Drug Test at 5 minutes. Cutoff represents the concentration of each compound required to yield a positive reading. A lower cutoff indicates a greater ability to detect the compound.

Compound Synonyms / Common Names Cutoff
3,4-Methylenedioxy-methamphetamine MDMA / Ecstasy, Molly 500
3,4-Methylenedioxy-amphetamine MDA, Tenamfetamine, Tenamfetamina / Ecstasy, Molly 3,000
3,4-Methylenedioxy-ethylamphetamine MDEA, MDE / Ecstasy, Molly 300

Summary - MDMA Drug Test Panel

  • Ecstasy is a potent designer drug that can be classified as a CNS stimulant, a hallucinogen, or an empathogen. Ecstasy is chemically related to the stimulants amphetamine and methamphetamine, and the hallucinogen mescaline. This relation to the amphetamines is responsible for ecstasy's strong stimulant effects, producing heightened levels of energy and euphoria, in addition to delaying sleep. Ecstasy's relation to mescaline is responsible for its hallucinogenic effects. Ecstasy is best known, however, for its empathogenic effects, described by users as intense feelings of love, well-being, and sexual arousal. This combination of effects has made ecstasy a preferred drug of choice in many circles, including all night dance parties known as raves. [1]

  • MDMA, MDA, and MDEA are the primary forms of ecstasy, with MDMA and MDA being the most common, and MDMA being the most desired of the three forms. [2] Ecstasy doses are typically white or colored tablets, either round with a logo impressed into the face of the tablet, or with the tablet itself pressed into the shape of the logo. These logos vary greatly and will typically dictate the name used for a batch of ecstasy pills. For example, pills stamped with a dove logo, or pressed into the shape of a dove, will most likely be referred to as doves. Ecstasy is also less commonly available as a white powder, ingested orally in clear capsules or snorted. [3] Ecstasy might be referred to by the slang names molly, beans, E, and X.

  • Due to the illicit nature of the drug, poor quality of product is an ongoing problem for ecstasy users. Many pills sold on the street as ecstasy contain no ecstasy, instead containing stimulant substitutes, such as methamphetamine. At worst, toxic compounds such as PMA might be substituted. In response to this problem, organizations exist that, for a fee, provide pill-testing services to concerned individuals. [2]

  • MDMA is the target compound for the MDMA One Step Ecstasy Drug Test, detected at a cutoff level of 500 ng/mL. Approximately 15% of an oral MDMA dose is excreted in the urine as unchanged MDMA, with approximately 1.5% excreted as MDA, in addition to other metabolites. [4]

  • MDA cross-reacts with this test at 3,000 ng/mL. MDA is a common form of ecstasy and is a minor urinary metabolite of the other forms of ecstasy, MDMA and MDEA. [4] [5]

  • MDEA cross-reacts with this test at 300 ng/mL. MDEA is another form of ecstasy. An oral dose of MDEA is excreted in urine primarily as unchanged MDEA and other metabolites, with MDA as a minor urinary metabolite. [5]


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