Urine Sample Container

Volume: 90 ml, Width: 48 mm, Sterile, Label, Temp Strip

Item: CUP-2

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  • The LeakBuster Specimen Cup With Temperature Strip is a high-quality, polypropylene urine sample container, designed for leak-proof performance under harsh transport conditions. The attached temperature strip provides a convenient and economical means for verifying human urine sample integrity.

  • Drug Test Compatibility: This container is a good fit for the narrow 1-Panel through 4-Panel urine drug test cards, allowing for the test strip tips to reach the bottom of the cup (important with sparse urine samples). For the wider 5-Panel through 12-Panel drug test cards, the test strip tips will not reach the bottom of the cup. The Teal Cap Wide Specimen Cup With Temp Strip is a better fit for these wider drug test cards.

  • Drug test not included with cup. Drug test cards are sold separately.

Specimen Cup Features and Specifications

  • Sterile Container. Volume: 90 ml (3.0 oz). Width: 48 mm (1.9 inch). (Please see note above concerning size compatibility with drug test cards.)

  • Temperature strip reads in Fahrenheit. Range: 90°F to 100°F.

  • Sealed Tamper Tab ensures the sterility of the container.

  • The Patient Identification Label includes spaces for recording: Name, Date of Birth, Card, Date, and Time.

  • Containers are constructed from durable polypropylene plastic. This material is flexible and resists cracking under pressure.

  • Full-Circle Threads eliminate cross threading and leaking, while ensuring a snug seal.

  • Graduated container, with readings in ounces (oz) and milliliters (ml).