Urine Sample Container

Volume: 90 ml, Width: 48 mm, Sterile, Label

Item: CUP-1

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  • The LeakBuster Urine Specimen Cup is a high-quality, standard-size urine sample container designed for leak-proof specimen transport at a low cost.

  • Drug Test Compatibility: This container is a good fit for the narrow 1-Panel through 4-Panel urine drug test cards, allowing for the test strip tips to reach the bottom of the cup (important with sparse urine samples). For the wider 5-Panel through 12-Panel drug test cards, the test strip tips will not reach the bottom of the cup. The Teal Cap Wide Urine Specimen Cup is a better fit for these wider drug test cards.

  • Drug test not included with cup. Drug test cards are sold separately.

Specimen Cup Features and Specifications

  • Standard volume for drug testing urine sample collection. Volume: 90 ml (3.0 oz). Width: 48 mm (1.9 inch). (Please see note above concerning size compatibility with drug test cards.)

  • Sterile Container. Sealed Tamper Tab confirms sterility of the container's interior.

  • The Patient Identification Label meets JCAHO standards. Includes spaces for recording: Name, Date of Birth, Card, Date, and Time.

  • LeakBuster containers have passed DOT/ICAO/IATA 95kPa Pressure Differential and Thermal Shock requirements. Container is ideal for harsh transport conditions, including pneumatic tube systems.

  • The container is constructed from clear, high-quality polypropylene plastic. Polypropylene flexes under pressure, as opposed to the cheap type of plastics used in standard food and beverage containers, which are known to crack or splinter. Polypropylene is also more resistant to heat than typical consumer plastics.

  • The cap uses a Molded O-Ring and a Full-Circle Thread, which prevent cross threading and leaking.

  • Resin Identification Code #5. The Resin Identification Code (RIC) is also known as the Recycling Code or the SPI Code.

  • Containers are graduated on the inside, allowing for sample volume readings in both ounces (oz) and milliliters (ml).