Temperature Strip for Urinalysis Cups

Adhesive Temperature Strips

Temperature Range: 90 to 100 F

Item: TEMP-1

Urinalysis Temperature Strip
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1 to 61 $0.18
62 to 123 $0.16
124 and up $0.13
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The Adhesive Backed Temperature Strips provide a low cost, convenient means for checking urine specimen integrity through temperature measurement. The adhesive backing will adhere to most plastic containers. Valid temperature readings can be obtainted with most plastic cups.

Features and Specifications

  • Temperature strips read in Fahrenheit (F). Range: 90 to 100 F.
  • Adhesive backing sticks to most smooth, non-porous, plastic surfaces.
  • Valid temperature reading can be obtainted with most plastic cups, as long as the plastic surface is smooth and the plastic is not unreasonably thick. Our urine testing cup provides an ideal surface for the temperature strip.